Training Treats

Training Treats

Before knowing what I know and speaking to the many experts about dog training, I thought that shop bought training biscuits etc were the things to do for training. They were in big bags, that seemed economical. Even with Labradors puppies I had, they weren't that taken  and other behaviour that I didn't want was their reward.

From working with dog walkers and dog trainers I really get the why behind the high value training rewards. This is either play or food usually and change in behaviour can be from the moment the reward is introduced.

In the right way with patience and positive reinforcement treats and play can be used to make that bond with your dog unbreakable.

We have now teamed up with supplying K9Greatness with the reward training treats. These are mixed from Venison to Liver, Chicken and Salmon. They are small enough to reward and plentiful enough in the pack to last a good few training sessions.

With support and information about dog training and check out the treats in the shop

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